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Backloading Vs Interstate Removal
26 May 2012

This is a question many of us ask our friends, family... What is Backloading?

Let me tell you.....

When moving furniture over long distances preferably over 300 kilometers it is wise to utilise a backloading service to move your belongings.

There are many Backloading companies to choose from however many come not recommended.. Why.. They claim they are backloading specialists however they are only internet booking services who find contractors to do the work.. and when something goes wrong.. it goes wrong - good luck!

Or there is some hillbilly with an old truck in his backyard that would be lucky to hold a box of beer.. Be wise choose a backloading company with experience, good testimonials (not fake ones made up), visit there depot, if they dont have a depot that is the first sign to stay clear! Always get three quotes!!

It is best to choose a backloading company that specialises in backloading and carries out the work  themselves, this way you know who has your furniture and if there is a problem you can speak directly with the company you booked with rather than get messed around by a broker or booking service consultant who wouldnt even know what a removal consists of!

The term "backloading" basically means you share the load with other customers who are going the same direction as you are, resulting in much cheaper pricing rather than paying a crazy amount for sole use of that truck one way... It is like an Airline company..the same concept would apply.. if you take all the seats on the plane it will cost you big however if you only want two seats you get it at a resonable rate as the total price to operate the one way trip is divided amongst the other passengers.

Make sense?

Our company Backloading4u means what the title states "it is backloading for you" We use two trucks weekly from our depot en-route to Melbourne and return back to Brisbane. We often book out and it is very important that you book early to get your dates secured.

So where do you want to backload to? We go everywhere from Brisbane to Melbourne and all towns and cities along the way. We have partners in Northern Queensland that backload from Brisbane to Cairns and return and South Australian partners who can backload from Queensland to Adelaide. We even have a partner in Tasmania should you want to move to the deep south or better still move up to Sunny Queensland.

Either way we can backload for you almost anywhere!


Backload in March, April, June and July these are usually the slow months and Backloading companies will discount rates heavily.

Avoid if you can Backloading around December and January this is the peak period where rates can increase depending on who you use.

Avoid companies who do not carry out the backloads themselves



Our backloading staff who load your furniture are the same staff that delivery your furniture to the other end - they know your items, they know how it is stacked rather than someone else unloading and guessing how the items are placed putting a greater chance of damage when unloading.

Once your furniture is loaded into our trucks, this is where it stays until the delivery end - no unloads, no cross loads no confusion..

So to sum up backloading it pays to do your research.... though it looks like you already have as you are HERE on our website!!

All the best everyone - Safe moving

Kind Regards

The Team @ Backloading4u